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Global survey on VAD management

Dear Clinicians and Vascular Access Specialists

If you are involved in inserting, maintaining, and or replacing vascularaccess devices (VADs) on a regular basis, we kindly ask you to completethis questionnaire.

The aim of this survey is to better determine vascular access devicemanagement practices from around the world. We would like to understand theregular 'daily life' VA practices regarding VAD dressing, skin antisepsis, catheterpatency, and locking.

The WoCoVA Global Committee would like to ask for your collaboration toprovide details about your practices in VAD management. The survey contains4 sections with a total of about 60 questions and it will take about 20 to 25minutes. The deadline is the
25th of February 2024. 
The survey will beanonymous.

The findings of this survey will be presented at the 8th WoCoVA in Prague. Theresults of the survey will help to further improve VA practices and help todetermine where WoCoVA can provide further education. WoCoVA will alsoprovide a summary of the results later this year via this channel.

Thank you very much for your kind collaboration,

The WoCoVA Global Committee survey team on VAD management:
Christian Dupont,
Paloma Ruiz Hernández,
Josie Stone,
Tim Spencer,
Ton van Boxtel

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